A weekend in London

Here are some pictures from my weekend in London. I know, it took 3 months to publish them but, as we say in Italy, “meglio tardi che mai”.

Hide Park
Italian Gardens at Kensington Gardens

A person in Hyde Park
Kensington Gardens

The arcade on Jermyn Street

Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus…

immagine big ben
From a taxicab on my way to the IMAX cinema on my birthday

Self Portrait


  1. emi wrote:

    These are wonderful pictures, showing the creativity and sensitivity of the photographer.
    For me it’s the only way to see the city i always wanted to see so it was worthy waiting.
    Thank you Cesare 🙂

  2. ikol wrote:

    Nothing to add more than emi said except that pics are few. Please add some more -:)

  3. emi wrote:

    Yes, yes… Add some more… and also some others – you know what i mean… I’m still waiting… 😉

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